Differences Between Zodiac MX6 vs MX8

Zodiac MX8 and MX6

Zodiac MX6 vs MX8 both work smartly and provide fantastic service to clean the swimming pool. People use the swimming pool and spend relaxing moments. After regular use, the swimming pool fills up with dirt and debris. So it becomes necessary to clean it and keep it fascinating. So that people will feel impressed with using it. Using a pool cleaner can complete the cleaning task more smartly than a person. Zodiac MX6 and MX8 both provide smart support and clean the pool by using an artificial intelligence system.

The Zodiac MX6 VS MX8 will let you understand which technology is suitable for your pool. Although both have connected features. But you can measure the comparison and come to a decision on which one is a more reliable assistant for you.
Zodiac MX 6 is a constructed pool cleaner and it is trustworthy to provide amazing
assistance. The powerful vacuum cleaner consumes the dirt and provides a fresh look to the pool. The automated navigation system usually monitors the task and confirms the highest service so that people get a fresh environment when using the pool. Being an adaptive device it is useful in various pool designs and it takes low energy power for cleaning the pool so you will get better cost consumption here.

Products Description

Key Feature



Cordless Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


Smart Navigation

5000mAh-Large Capacity Battery

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Inground Pool Cleaner


Cleans in 3 Hours or Less Cleans Pool Floor & Walls

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


Cleaning Coverage: Floor and walls

Cleaning Cycle Time: 2 hours

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner 


One Robot. Four Media Types
Scrubs Floor, Wall, & Tile/Waterline

The ultraconstructive design and the high power of the vacuum cleaner confirm the best service of the pool. It is configured with cyclonic suction that ensures the vacuum power. The max drive technology navigates the machine and provides the best cleaning support to every section of the pool wall, floor remote corners even the internal pipeline. It also cleans the long debris. For this, the owner usually gets the best fresh pool for entertainment.

Best features of Zodiac MX 6

Zodiac MX6 vs MX8


Zodiac MX 6 imposes high power consumption. The articulating blade technology
cleans the debris off the floor and provides fantastic freshness. It is configured with
articulating spin blade which creates an instant effect so it does not need extra power to
escalate the dirt. Therefore it does not need more power. It has an automated control
system to analyze the power and maintain the level of service. The navigation system
identifies the dirt and debris and provides instant service.

What is the durability of the Zodiac MX6?

Basically, it is a wellcompact tool that works with various kinds of pools and assists as efficient assistance. It has a specific section to keep the dirt. The machine usually
provides heavy duty. Being a strong sensor it easily identifies the dirt and debris and ensures the best cleaning of the surface. As it is energy efficient so the machine does
not get huge pressure so can serve for a long time. Even it has a warranty period also. After a long serving of several years, you need to change some small parts only.

Usage of Zodiac MX6 cleaner?

Mostly Zodiac MX 6 is useful in common pools like personal pools, backyard pools,
holiday home pools, inground swimming pools, etc.

Best features of zodiac MX8

Zodiac MX6 vs MX8


Basically, Zodiac MX8 is designed for long pools. The pool owner working for business purposes will get fabulous support from this Zodiac MX8. Both items have special features though some features will let you analyze the Zodiac MX6 VS MX8. Here is the description. The double cyclonic vacuum suction will provide colossal power, a wider cleaning path and, confirm the largest debris cleaning ability. The dual navigation system will ensure super cleaning of the floor, wall, and, waterline. This machine uses Double Cyclonic Suction to climb on the wall and clean each section carefully with an automated navigation system. However, it is handy; if it stacks, anyone can instantly reset the settings. You can use it in all types of pools

What is the durability of Zodiac MX8?

The Zodiac MX 8 can be used for a long time basis. It has the capability to consume
long debris and can navigate the section and then clean the whole place with proper
finishing through the brush. As it has high power suction so it can work instantly and
provide a complete cleaning. The parts are highly recognized so can provide longtime support. The sensor is made through max drive technology so it provides regular support and can serve for a long time. Sometimes the machine becomes stuck through leaves or big concrete but it is not usual.

The usage of Zodiac MX8?

Mostly this machine is suitable for long pools and pools are being used for business
purposes like outdoor pools, inground pools, walkin pools, long concrete pools, luxury pools, etc.

Zodiac MX6 VS MX8

Zodiac MX8 and Zodiac MX6 both work for normalsize pool designs. But there must have a few differences. People use different types because the necessity of the uses of the machines is different. Here Zodiac MX6 and MX8 both are described below.

Power Performance

Zodiac MX8 provides better support in low-energy power. It does not use high
power at the time of cleaning. It can cover a large area in a short time for
cleaning. The two blades are set at the bottom of the machine and the blades
clean the long debris instantly. However, the Zodiac MX6 has a single centered
blade at the bottom. So it takes more power for doing the same task.
Price of the product Zodiac MX8 is made with dual blades, a dual vacuum cleaner, and has the capability to climb most of the walls instantly and use less power. On the other hand, Zodiac MX6 uses a single blade, vacuum power, and takes a bit high power to do the same task. So after analyzing the single and dual service facility the
the company takes the higher price of the MX8 rather than MX6.

The easy directional gear design

Both machines work efficiently on the basis of the design. MX8 is made with two
gears at the bottom so it always gets better support and can quickly change the
direction if it gets any corner side. Whereas the MX6 does the task bit slower. It has
single gear so it needs help to get rid of the corner side.

Special features

MX8 is much more popular for some special features rather than MX6. First of all, it has dual vacuum power and bottom blades to provide better service. The
vacuum power helps to climb on the walls easily and it covers almost all types of
walls for climbing another thing is the six feet longer hoses. It looks
surprising but it is truthful and just think how much it can cover at the time of
cleaning. However, MX6 comes with a single vacuum cleaner and a single blade. So it has bindings on cleaning time, capabilities, and output.

The difference between Zodiac MX8 and Zodiac MX6

There have differences between Zodiac MX8 and MX6. Therefore you will get a massive idea of which one will be suitable for you. So the difference is given below

Model Zodiac MX6 Zodiac MX8
Pool Design Inground and above
Cleanser style Use a robot with suction
Adjustable as an inground
suction cleaning robot.
Connection Flexible 1.5’’ vacuum line Flexible 1.5’’ vacuum line
Traction type Good speed XDrive
Technology with XTrax
Best speed with maXDrive
Technology with XTrax
Cleaning advantage Cyclone suction Dual cyclonic vacuum
Hose range Made of 32 inch Made of 39 inch
Cleaning system 10 inch long 15 inch long
Navigation technology Used xdrive navigation Updated maxdrive

Final result

People usually think about which one they should take as the best assistance. So my
recommendation is to take the machine depending on the pool size, your reliable time management, and the pool dirt and debris condition. For this, you will be able to ensure the highest satisfaction and future output.


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