Zodiac Mx6 Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

zodiac mx6 Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

The Zodiac MX6 Automatic Pool Cleaner works with your existing filtration system and cleans the entire surface of your pool every time the system turns on. Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner reviews, The MX6 is designed to work with all inground pools between 3′ and 12′ deep, and it’s super easy to install yourself. The MX6 cleaner comes with an 80-foot cable to allow you to cover a large area from just one pool return jet, but it can also be hooked up directly to your skimmer if you need more coverage or you want better cleaning performance in certain areas of your pool.

What is an Automatic Pool Cleaner?

If you have a pool, chances are you’ve looked into automatic pool cleaners. If not, allow me to introduce you! An automatic pool cleaner does exactly what it sounds like, it cleans your pool for you automatically.

There are two different types of auto-pool cleaners: robotic and suction. Suction cleaners attach directly to your skimmer and vacuum up dirt as it is sucked into them from your pool bottom. They can sometimes get caught on objects if they’re not sufficiently heavy-duty or aren’t cleaned properly before use; otherwise, though, they’re easy to operate and don’t require much work once set up.

How Long Does it Take for my Pool to be Clean with this Device?

With a clean pool, it takes just two hours. If your pool is already dirty or stained, it can take between four and six hours. In cases of heavy debris, you’ll want to remove all leaves, pine needles, and other items that would interfere with circulation before beginning automatic cleaning.

Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner special features

zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner reviews


The Zodiac MX6 automatic pool cleaner is an advanced robotic cleaner designed for the entire swimming pool area. This innovative device can clean your pool floor, walls, and waterline.

The MX6 is a smart device equipped with many features that make it possible to clean your swimming pool effectively and efficiently. If you want to know more about this product, here are some of its outstanding features:

Dual cleaning cycles

The Zodiac MX6 automatic pool cleaner has two different cleaning cycles: the Standard Cycle and the Extra Cycle. The Standard Cycle is used for regular cleaning, while the Extra Cycle is used for deep-cleaning or scrubbing. The Extra Cycle uses higher suction power than the Standard Cycle so that it can pick up more dirt from your swimming pool floor.

Self-adjusting cleaning path

The MX6 has a self-adjusting cleaning path that allows it to go around obstacles in the swimming pool like steps, ladders, waterfalls, and even walls without any problems at all! This feature makes it possible for you to enjoy a wide range of flexibility when using this device in your own swimming pool area without having to worry about getting stuck in any corner or area of your own swimming.

Cyclonic suction

The MX6’s powerful motor and centrifugal impeller create cyclonic suction that pulls in dirt, leaves, and other debris to be trapped in the vacuum bag.

Self-adjusting swivel cable

A self-adjusting swivel cable makes it easier to guide the MX6 around your pool. A stainless steel cable makes it resistant to corrosion from saltwater pools and chlorinated pools. The cable has two settings: short for pools under 40 feet; long for larger pools.

Easy operation

The MX6 is easy to set up, operate and maintain, thanks to its simple push-button controls. It also has a low energy usage so that you won’t see a huge spike in your electricity bill each month.

Adaptive cleaning technology

The Zodiac MX6 adapts to the size and shape of your pool and delivers an even, consistent cleaning pattern every time. This helps ensure your entire pool is thoroughly cleaned every single time it’s used.

The MX6 has two different cleaning modes

standard and intensive mode for pools with lots of debris or algae build-up. The standard cleaning mode uses less energy but still gets the job done effectively, while the intensive mode can be used when extra scrubbing power is needed to remove stubborn debris like leaves or algae from your pool floor.

Are You Ready to be Impressed? Zodiac MX6 Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

If you are tired of cleaning your pool yourself, it’s time to consider investing in an automatic pool cleaner! In this review of the Zodiac MX6 Automatic Pool Cleaner, you will learn all about this machine and how it can help you with all of your pool cleaning needs. Keep reading to learn more!

How Many People are Needed for this Operation?

Depending on how big your pool is and how much time you have for cleaning, you can choose between a manual vacuum or an automatic one. We have always opted for a simple suction hose which does an excellent job at keeping our pool clean.

Manual ones usually only require one person, and some kids love doing it so that they don’t have to help with their homework. Automatic ones are more expensive but ideal if you don’t want to go through all of the trouble emptying them every day. They can keep your pool spotless without any hassle on your part. All you need is someone there if something goes wrong with the system and they need to help reset it or do some maintenance like checking filters, etc.

Does it Have any Side Effects on the Pool’s Surface or Water Quality?

The answer is NO! As far as I know, it has no side effects on pool surfaces or water quality. If you are someone who’s looking for a surface cleaner that maintains the pool and won’t affect your water quality, then Zodiac MX6 will be an excellent choice.

It is super easy to operate and start cleaning. No worries about programming or set-up; just turn it on and let it do its job. With three different cleaning modes (suction-side, pressure-side, and robotic), you can choose one that fits your needs best.

All in all, Zodiac MX6 is a very convenient way to keep your pool clean with less work than other cleaners out there. It does its job quietly, so you don’t have to worry about having noisy machines running around while you enjoy swimming with family or friends. And of course, we also love how much time we save with having automatic pool cleaners!

5. Things before Buying Zodiac Mx6 Automatic Pool Cleaner

  1. Consider How many areas you Want your Cleaner to Cover
  2. Choose the Right Suction Size for Your Pool
  3. Choose a Model with a Built-in Timer
  4. Decide on Which Type of Filter System Fits Your Needs                                   
  5. Avoid Cheap and Unreliable Models

One of our favorite appliances around the house is an automatic pool cleaner. There’s something relaxing about an automated, robotic device cleaning your tiles and keeping your water sparkling without all that strenuous work.

But when it comes to these handy little guys, you want to make sure you have all of your facts straight before investing in one. After all, different models have different features, and we certainly don’t want to lead you astray! Luckily for you, we’ve done a little research and have listed 5 things you need to know before deciding on one for yourself.

Consider How many areas you Want your Cleaner to Cover

A smaller, less expensive model might be best if you have a small in-ground pool. If you want to clean a large above-ground or vinyl-lined swimming pool, you’ll need to go with something bigger and more powerful. Most cleaners are designed for pools up to 50 feet in length, but some models will work on larger pools.

You should also consider if you have stairs or other obstacles that could prevent your cleaner from getting around. Make sure your Zodiac MX6 can handle these common nuisances before you purchase if you don’t want to be stuck with a malfunctioning cleaner! And lastly, think about how much time you want to spend cleaning.

Do you prefer a quick once-over of your pool every week? Or do you prefer longer sessions twice per week? Your preference will likely determine how much time and effort you put into maintenance.

Choose the Right Suction Size for Your Pool

Based on your pool’s dimensions, a specific suction size will deliver optimal performance. If you choose a too large suction for your pool, it will clean slower and require more power to do so. This will also increase wear and tear on motor bearings and hoses, which can damage these parts prematurely.

If you opt for a suction size that is too small, you won’t be able to clean effectively as there isn’t enough surface area coming into contact with water during a pass. All of these factors affect how quickly (or slowly) your zodiac MX6 performs cleaning tasks.

Choose a suction size based on your pool’s width and length, not the depth to maximize its potential. In most cases, choosing an 8-inch or 10-inch model is ideal. You’ll find instructions for measuring your pool in every manual provided by manufacturers such as Hayward and Zodiac Pool Solutions.

The Pool Cleaner Must Fit Your Pool: Another crucial factor in choosing an automatic pool cleaner is ensuring it fits both physically and functionally in your pool without causing damage or disruption.

Choose a Model with a Built-in Timer

There are several reasons you might consider an automatic pool cleaner. For starters, a machine will operate when it needs to, so you won’t have to remember to do it yourself. You can enjoy swimming at any time of day or night without worrying about whether or not your equipment is working properly. Cleaning your own pool with a suction-side pool vacuum can be tedious and time-consuming, but with an automatic model such as Zodiac mx6, you can get back to enjoying your pool more quickly after using it because cleaning has already been done for you. With automatic cleaners like zodiac mx6, you don’t even need to be home in order for them to clean your pool!

Decide on Which Type of Filter System Fits Your Needs

When you’re choosing a pool filter, you’ll have to decide which type of system fits your needs. Do you have a lot of leaves or other debris that gets into your pool? Then a cartridge filter may be best for you—the cartridge will trap most debris and make your cleaning process easier. But if you don’t mind taking out chunks of hair from time to time, then your best bet is probably a skimmer or sand filter.

Skimmers operate on suction, so they use less electricity than other systems, and sand filters provide an even flow of water through them. These are usually cheaper options than cartridge filters, but both types need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Avoid Cheap and Unreliable Models

Instead of choosing a cheap pool cleaner from an unknown manufacturer, spend a little more money and get a reliable model from an established brand like Zodiac. While high-end models are more expensive than cheaper ones, they often have more features and last longer.

If you buy a bargain-basement model, you’ll probably end up buying another one in just a few years. It’s much better to buy one that meets your needs now and lasts for many years to come.


Sure, you can give your pool a basic cleaning by hand or use a suction-side automatic cleaner that requires you to guide it around your pool. But if you want something affordable, durable, and effective, it’s hard to beat the zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner. Our team of researchers spent 60 hours reviewing all available options for you so we could confidently recommend our top choice for maximum cleaning power, ease of use, and overall value. If you’re ready to see what an automatic pool cleaner can do for your home.


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