How Much Borax to Raise pH in Pool

How Much Borax to Raise pH in Pool

How Much Borax to Raise pH in Pool, maintaining a sparkling blue swimming pool floor can be challenging due to the difficulty in cleaning the pool, such as vacuuming the pool floor, balancing the water’s chemistry, and the pressure not affecting the alkalinity of the water. Borax is a compound of Boron commonly used in laundry detergent to whiten shirts and trousers. But Borax can also be used in swimming pools to prevent algae growth in swimming pools and leaves your water sparkling and soft.

Borax is known to aid in raising the PH of the swimming pool. The PH measures the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution such as water. The PH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with seven being neutral. Water naturally has a PH of 7 because it is neutral, meaning the number of positive and negative hydrogen ions equals. Substances with low PH values, like acids, tend to have higher hydrogen ions concentration than those with high PH, like bases. Swimming pool PH must always be balanced to ensure safety and a fun time in the pool. The PH of swimming pool water should range between 7.2-7.6. Swimming in water that has a PH level of below 7 can irritate your eyes and skin. This is why Borax needs to be added to the swimming pool water.

Why should Borax be added to the pool?

Borax is well known for acting as a PH buffer in swimming pools and stabilizing the water’s alkalinity. It is also known to be very effective in preventing algae growth in the swimming pool by allowing chlorine to cleanse the water thoroughly. Unlike the traditional use of soda ash to maintain PH levels, Borax has been known to have no effect on anyone.

Another benefit of using Borax is that it leaves the swimming pool water sparkling since it does not evaporate. This ensures that the water is soft and it remains sparkling permanently. Borax also never expires or decomposes. The level is only lowered with splashing or draining.

How much Borax should you add to a swimming pool to raise PH?

The amount of Borax to add to your swimming pool depends on the size of your swimming pool in terms of gallons of water that is in liters and the PH level of the swimming pool. Always use a PH testing kit to decide how much Borax you should add to the swimming pool to raise PH. It is much better if the PH of the water is low since you can quickly increase it or update it than when the PH is high.

As stated earlier, the optimum PH of swimming pool water should be 7.2-7.6. This means that if the PH of the water is 7 and you need to raise the PH of the water, you should add approximately 500 grams of Borax for every 20,000 liters. This will increase the PH by 0.5.

How to use Borax in swimming pool water

If the pool’s PH is too low, you can raise its PH using Borax by following these simple steps.

Step 1

Conduct a PH test- you should conduct a PH test using a PH testing kit to determine the acidity or alkalinity level of the water.

Step 2

Determine the amount of Borax to add to the swimming pool water. You can determine this by knowing how much water your swimming pool can hold. If your swimming pool can hold 5000 gallons of water, it will be adequate to add 20 ounces of Borax to raise the PH by 0.5.

Step 3

Add Borax to your pool. To add Borax to your swimming pool, switch on the pool’s water pump, add Borax to the skimmer, and let the pump run for 24 hours.

Step 4

Recheck the PH levels. You need to recheck the PH level of the water after 24 hours to determine whether you have achieved your desired PH level. If the PH level is still low, you can add more Borax to stabilize the PH level.


Borax effects are long-lasting, and it does not evaporate after dissolving in the water. Unlike traditional soda ash, many people today prefer using Borax in their swimming pools because it’s easy and fast. Borax can effectively raise the PH level of your swimming pool and leave it looking sparkling and clean for a long. If you are wondering how much Borax you should add to the swimming pool to raise the PH level, refer to the above steps for an easy and quick way of increasing the PH of your swimming pool.


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