How Long Does It Take To Build An Inground Pool?

How Long Does It Take To Build An Inground Pool

An inground pool is a nice place to swim after your gym or exercise. It is a great place for enjoyment. You can build an inground pool in front of your house in a few steps. But how long does it take to build an inground pool, we all know an inground pool is a pool that is at ground level. So you can easily have fun in that pool. Usually, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to build a pool. But the time varies from plan to plan.

I will tell you about the timing of every different step to building how long does it take to build an inground pool.

Pool Design & Permits, 1-6 Weeks

First of all, you need a pool design to build your inground pool. It takes 1-6 weeks to finalize the design. In the meantime, you have to take the required permits before you break the ground.

It will take a good portion of time for you and your pool designer to make a perfect design for the pool. It is so important to make a perfect design. The permit part is not in your hand. It is largely out of your control. It depends on how long the local permit office takes to permit you. Usually, it takes a week to issue the pool permit, but it can take longer if custom accessories are involved in pool-built ding. So all together pool design and pool permit take a maximum of 6 weeks to be done.

Breaking Ground – Excavation, 1 Week

To build an inground pool you must excavate the ground. The time of breaking the ground will depend on the depth of your pool. So it could take a maximum of one week to complete the excavation. The time also depends on the ease of access. The excavation must be done perfectly to build a beautiful pool.

Best Time to Break The Ground

You need to break the ground at a perfect time, otherwise, it can be delayed. The best time to break the ground is right after the winter when the ground thaws. The builders should break the ground as soon as possible during the building season.

Pool Building & Electrical Installation, 1-2 Weeks

When the excavation is done, the pool builders need to make electrical and plumbing routes to the pool. In this stage, they will make a hydro line to the pool and they will install the electric circuit for outdoor light, landscape lighting, etc. So plumbing and electrical installation might take 1-2 days.

Pool Shell Building, 1-4 Weeks

The time of shell building of your pool will depend on the material you use to build your pool shell. The pool shell made of fiberglass comes pre-assembled. After the excavation, you can install the fiberglass pool as it is pre-assembled. If it is vinyl on a steel pool, then you have to assemble it on-site. Compared to fiberglass and vinyl, concrete (gunite) pools take a lot of time to be installed. You need to frame it first, then rebar, then concrete pouring, setting, and surface finishing. In total it can take up to 8 weeks to install a gunite pool.

I will tell you in detail about these 3 types of inground pool shells. 


Fiberglass pool shells come already assembled. So you can put them in the pool and fill them with water on the same day. But before that everything should be prepared properly. It will maximize the lifespan of your pool. Some fiberglass pool shells are larger, you have to place them so carefully to avoid any kind of disaster.

Vinyl Liner

Most people like this type of pool. The reason is you can make a customized pool without a big price tag. The pool wall of this type of pool is steel or polymer. Vinyl pool shells are assembled on-site. The floor of this type of pool is made of concrete. The time of this type of pool shell building depends on the complexity of the project and the type of pool. These types of pools are appropriate for cooler climates.

Concrete (Gunite) 

Concrete pools are the most customizable pool. You can customize the size and design as you want. It takes so many weeks to be installed and the cost is also the most compared to the other two pools. Gunite is a mixture of water, cement, and sand. You need professionals to build this pool. After finishing you can add tile or marble on top of the surface. These pools are not compatible with saltwater. As I have said before this takes the longest time. It could take 30 days. The outdoor conditions can increase the time.

Landscaping & Patio Construction, 1-4 Weeks

This is the final stage of building an inground pool. You need to design the landscaping and patio of the pool alongside the pool design. Pool builders can add waterfalls, and lights at this time. It takes 1 to 4 weeks to be done.

Pool Building Can Be Delayed!

We have to tell you the general time of every step. But it can be delayed because of so many factors. I will tell you about the factors in detail.

Bad Weather

Sometimes bad weather like storms or rain can cause delays in pool building. So you should have some knowledge about weather forecasts before starting the project.

Builder’s Schedule

The season of pool building starts in the spring. Day by day it gets busier as the condition warms up. So at that time, the schedule of the pool builders becomes so tight. So you might not get your desired pool builder in time. So you should make the design as soon as possible and hire a pool builder. Otherwise, it can cause delays.

Inspection of The Authority

You need a permit to start the pool building. After applying for it, they will inspect your site, if you don’t get permission after inspections then it can take too long to build your pool. So make sure everything is fine according to the rules.

Final Words

How long does it take to build an inground pool, now you know the answer and the process too. Make sure you start the work at the right time, then you can finish it in a short time, otherwise it can be delayed for so long. You can follow these steps described in this article to build an inground pool. You can do it easily and if you do everything properly it won’t take too long. You can enjoy your summer in that pool with your family. You need to focus on important things like taking the pool building permit, breaking the ground, building the pool shell, etc. You should also look at the weather before starting work, so that bad weather doesn’t interrupt your work. So build your pool and enjoy swimming.


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