How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool?

How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool

When you install your much-desired pool, you need to know how long it takes to build a pool. Before taking the project plan, you must know the installation’s duration. Installing a pool is not an overnight job because the whole process has continuity. Taking permission, designing the map, excavation, infrastructure setting, and finally installing the pool takes quality time. Decking and landscaping also take time.

To get a clear idea about how long it takes to build a pool, read the following article

Average Time duration to build a pool

How long it takes to build a pool depends on your pool type. Typically, People construct fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete pools. It takes 14 to 30 days to build fiberglass pools, and vinyl liners take around 20 to 45 days to install. Concrete pools take 40 to 70 days to build.

Time duration of designing and Permitting: 7 to 60 Days

 Designing and permitting is the most crucial time during pool construction. Permitting to install a pool depends on the local permit office. According to your local government, you must fill up the specific regulations for building outdoor residential pools.

Usually, it takes a week to get a permit, and creating a perfect pool design takes enough time. When working with a company, you need to have a clear vision. A vinyl liner or concrete pool takes much time to build.

You shouldn’t take more than eight weeks to design the pool and its permission. If you don’t want to install the pool late, you should collect all the necessary equipment earlier. For the safety and security of the children, you can set up a childproof lock in the gate. But it takes some extra time to get permission.

Time duration of excavation Time: 7 days

When you have completed the designing and permitting process, you can start the excavation process. It is a quick process, and expert contractors can finish the excavation process in 7 days. But if your pool size is more extensive, it may take a long time. Before starting the excavation process, inform the contractors about the location of your utility lines. It is critical, and you should be alert to avoid danger.

Timing of Steel, Plumbing, and Electrical connection: 7 to 14 Days

Once your excavation process is complete, the next step is to start laying the steel, plumbing and routing the electrical connection. If there is no issue, the process can complete within two weeks.

Pool Installation Time: 7 to 21 Days

The pool installation time depends on the pool type and weather conditions. The process can take 7 to 21 days to complete, and it can take less time if the weather is good. It will be tough to install your pool during rainy weather.

Installing a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool takes a short time. Because, in this case, the pool liner is pre-made by contractors. So they can easily pick up and put the liner. On the other hand, a concrete pool takes much more time to install than fiberglass as there is no pre-made liner.

To handle the particular mixture, you have to hire a gunite crew. The gunite takes a week to cure entirely, depending on the size.

After completing all the steps, the constructor will install the other necessary equipment like filter, pump, and water heater.

Time duration of Decking and Landscaping: 7 to 30 Days

Now, you are just one step away from reaching your dream. The constructor will install a deck and deal with pool landscaping in this step, and it must be completed before grabbing the pool noodles.

You can add some unique features like lighting, a waterfall, and other elements to the deck, but it will take extra time. Depending on how many features you want to add, it may take up to one month or more. Or, if you don’t want to add more features, the process will be complete in a week.

The real Time to Build a Pool

The time counting starts from the contact with the builder and finishes when you swim in your new pool. However, the actual time to build a pool can be up to 8 to 10 weeks. We estimate this time based on all the variables. If you start in the right season, it will not take much time to complete.

When your target is to complete your pool next summer, starting the process from March to July would be best. The main factor is building your fiberglass pool, depending on the setup duration. During the summer or the warmer months, many contractors try to set up or deliver the pools within the shortest possible time.

Remember, to install and complete a pool, including paving, fencing, and landscaping; you have to take a lot of time. Summer is the targeted season for pool setup. That’s why you need to install the pool before summer.


In the above section,  I have given rough numbers for every process. Even after that, there is some important point you have to take seriously. Proper planning before starting the pool project will help you swim in your new pool earlier.

How long it takes to build a pool depends on the contractors. Several contractors, such as electricians, concreters, fencers, and pavers, must need to complete the pool installation, and the contractors are not always available. So it would be best if you contact all the contractors and make a contract before starting the pool installation process in well-planned coordination.


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